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AX Travel Management for IAEA

Your AX Travel Management Service Team is available from Monday – Friday 8.30 – 17.30 hrs

Our travel experts support you in booking flights, hotels, rental car and several consulting services to optimize control & maximize savings.


In order to avoid downgrading or even being denied boarding by airlines, we strongly recommend travellers, whenever possible, to use pre-check-in options (web check-in, mobile check-in, SMS check-in) in order to guarantee their booked seat, as airlines occasionally overbook flights.

When you are travelling with your UNLP and would like to do an online check-in for your flight, please check for availability of following options if the entry of a nationality and passport is required:

  • UNLP
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • UN Passport

In case of difficulties, please contact the travel unit on extension 23020

Could you please send us your feedback including screen shots of any difficulties encountered to TravelUnitHD@iaea.org – many thanks for your cooperation and time.

Please inform AX Travel Management on your current membership programs, frequent flyer numbers and status (e.g. Silver, Gold, Senator, etc.) to update your traveller profile in order to make sure the correct data/status is reflected within each of your travel bookings.

More and more car rental stations are asking for private credit cards in addition to the AVIS And Hertz cards. TMC is trying their best to avoid such requests, but the local rental stations are often not renting out a car without the additional private credit card. In case you are forced to provide your personal credit card, please provide it to them in order to rent the car.

In case you are offloaded or downgraded from business class to economy class by an airline, do not accept such denied boarding actions and do not accept any money and/or compensation vouchers. And in case you do, please note that any refund/compensation needs to be reimbursed to the IAEA through your claim.

Airline tickets are only valid, if each coupon/leg is used in the same order as it is booked and issued. If one segment of your ticket is not used, the rest of this ticket is not valid anymore and needs be reissued by TMC.

In case there is no luggage allowance included in your air ticket (e.g. domestic flights within USA and Canada and domestic flights in Brazil), please pay for your luggage and attach the receipt to your travel claim for reimbursement.

IAEA internal:

Please note, any changes to a flight reservation which results in a cancellation/rebooking fee due to a deviation to the lowest logical available fare for private reasons must be borne by the traveller.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that all necessary visas are obtained prior to travel. It is also important to check whether visa(s) are needed for transfer/transit points and end destination.

Please don’t forget to apply for an AVIS Preferred Card in addition to your HERTZ Gold Card. Application forms are available on the IAEA AX-Travel webpage to be accessed via OASIS – Travel Service – Info room.

Information on your Car Rental:

  • all insurance needed is included
  • please check the car for damages at pick-up (if necessary please take a photo for record)
  • please refill before drop-off
  • request confirmation of no damages upon delivery
  • in case of damage:
    • please take a photo, inform the station and charge the deductible on your Hertz or Avis card
    • provide the Agency address on the damage report and please inform your section.
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