Austrian Airlines will fly to Boston on 29 March 2020 for the first time and increase seating capacity to Chicago as of summer 2020.

Austrian Airlines will offer flight service from Vienna to Boston starting at the end of March 2020. Austria’s home carrier will initially operate four weekly flights to the American metropolis on the East Coast and increase frequencies to six flights per week as of mid-April. Accordingly, Boston will be served on a daily basis with the exception of Mondays. Austrian Airlines will deploy a Boeing 767 equipped with 211 seats. Travel time to Boston at a distance of 6,500 kilometers from Vienna is about nine hours.

Flight service to Chicago exclusively with a Boeing 777

Due to the high level of demand, Austrian Airlines will consistently deploy a Boeing 777 on this route as of the end of March 2020. Up until now a Boeing 767 was used on two of the seven weekly flights. Capacity on this route will be significantly increased as a result of this change, in light of the fact that the Boeing 777 has close to 100 more seats than the Boeing 767.