This summer, Aeroflot will considerably increase the number of flights from Moscow to cities in Ural, Siberia, Far East and Volga Region.

The development of transportation between Moscow and federal districts to the East of Russia’s central European part is a priority of Aeroflot’s strategy aimed at providing enhanced connectivity of the country’s remote regions and improved mobility of the Russian population at large.

Frequency of flights will double or triple on certain routes.

Frequencies will increase on routes from Moscow to the following points:

  • to Irkutsk from 25 to 35 weekly flights
  • to Khabarovsk from 7 to 14 weekly flights
  • to Krasnoyarsk from 21 to 35 weekly flights
  • to Samara from 35 to 49 weekly flights
  • to Nizhnevartovsk from 7 to 14 weekly flights
  • to Novy Urengoy  from 7 to 14 weekly flights
  • to Novosibirsk from 21 to 35 weekly flights
  • to Orenburg from 28 to 35 weekly flights
  • to Ekaterinburg from 49 to 77 weekly flights
  • to Tomsk from 9 to 21 weekly flights