Resumption of the San Francisco flights from Munich and increase of frequency to a second daily non-stop flight from Frankfurt to Washington, DC.

With the gradual revival of air traffic, United Airlines will be flying even more frequently from Germany and Switzerland to the US starting in June.
The offered flights from Frankfurt and Munich will be further expanded. United is resuming its flights from Munich to San Francisco (3 times a week).
There will also be daily flights from Munich to Chicago and Washington, DC.

United will also be starting a second daily connection to Washington, DC. from Frankfurt on 2nd of July.

In addition, United will be expanding its flight schedule from Zurich starting in June and will operate daily routes to New York/Newark and Washington, DC.

Further expansion into southern Europe

The United network is also growing rapidly into the southern European region. On international routes the capacities from Dubrovnik and Athens to New York/Newark will be expanded.
There are also plans to resume connections from Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon to New York/Newark.