With Lufthansa and KORAIL to eight new destinations in South Korea

The Lufthansa Group is embracing intermodality and has now expanded the strategic integration of air travel and rail to Asia. Thanks to the partnership with KORAIL, the leading train operator in South Korea, Lufthansa passengers can now fly to the Seoul-Incheon International Airport (ICN) and conveniently continue by train to eight destinations across South Korea:

  • Busan (XMB)
  • Dongdaegu (TAE)
  • Gwangju-Seonjoeng (KWJ)
  • Jinju (HIN)
  • Mokpo (MWX)
  • Pohang (KPO)
  • Ulsan (USN)
  • Yeosu-Expo (RSU)

The trains operate with a 9B flight number and can be booked just like a connecting flight.