Lumpsum Quotations for Nonstaff Travel:

A lump sum quotation is based on a full economy fare by the most direct route from the nearest airport to the duty station and should be used for calculating the travel grant/lump sum entitlement.

  • Up to 40% of the lump sum quotation for flights under 7hrs may be offered.
  • Up to 50% of the lump sum quotation for flights exceeding 7hrs may be offered.

Please choose the requested departure and destination city and the system will provide you with

  • The flight time
  • A „reasonable“ fare in Euro and USD which can be used as a guideline for actual ticket costs
  • The full economy fare in Euro and USD which is the basis for the lump sum entitlement (pls see above)


Departure City
Destination City
Departure Destination TravelTime ReasonableFareEUR ReasonableFareUSD FullFareEUR FullFareUSD
{{ result.Departure }} {{ result.Destination }} {{ result.TravelTime }} {{ result.ReasonableFareEUR }} {{ result.ReasonableFareUSD }} {{ result.FullFareEUR }} {{ result.FullFareUSD }}