Vienna Airport now offers passengers the possibility to undergo molecular-biological COVID-19 testing (PCR test) at the airport.

In contrast to antibody tests, PCR tests (€ 190 per person / incl. VAT) are designed to verify the existence of a COVID-19 infection. The results are only valid for the present time. For this reason, the possibility of coming down with the virus at a later time cannot be excluded. The test findings are available within a period of about three hours.

In accordance with valid government regulations, persons travelling to Austria at the present time must either present a medical certificate which confirms negative COVID-19 test results (PCR test not older than four days), or else they are required to begin a 14-day quarantine.

Arriving passengers without a valid medical certificate can get tested at the airport. If the test findings are negative, the passenger does not have to stay in self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Austria. In this way, quarantine periods which have already been commenced can also be prematurely terminated.  Passengers departing from Vienna Airport can use the medical certificate from the COVID-19 test to prove that they are not infected with the coronavirus.

Note: the validity depends on entry requirements and is subject to the approval of the national authorities at the respective travel destination.

Please find more information about PCR tests here.